Movie Review: 330 Million Gods

The film “330 Millions God”, depicts the overview of Hinduism and focuses on the perception of the divine, religious practices and chapters of life. Hinduism has many gods and goddesses but also, has a concept of monism.  Hindus view the world as arising divinity activity. The gods in Hinduism represent different aspects of the religion and life, but they believe in one main god, Brahma or the Absolute , who is the highest of all deities. The Ganges River is not only a sacred, but also known as a goddess named “Ganga” in Hinduism. The water of Ganga is considered very pure and it’s believed that river can wash away sins and gift immortality. While watching the film, we saw people bathing, purifying, themselves but as well, doing daily necessaries like laundry in river.

Hinduism is rich in symbols; it’s representation of many acts of worships, such as “puja”, symbolic form of reverence to a deity through prayers, songs and rituals. Many Hindus believe that religious symbols are the embodiment of divine and notion of inner purity. The symbol “Om” is called “pranava”. The highest importance in Hindu symbols. It contains three syllables a-u-m. It’s perceived to contain all things; the symbol is the sacred syllable of Brahman or the Absolute. It’s often believed, that Hinduism is more of a religion, it is a way of life, a culture of realizing one’s full potential.

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