Persuasion of Sacred Scripture Discussion Question

In the link below I have attached the full interview of Dr. Ben Carson on Meet The Press-NBC. Around eight minutes and 45 seconds, the interview begins. As you begin to familiarize yourself with Ben through the interview, you can make obvious observations that he is not your average candidate. In the past he has made some mistakes in his candidacy with some of his answers. This questions sparked many reactions, especially in the muslim culture. IN the interview, he is asked of his opinion on the topic of the United States having a muslim president. He declined this notion and provided his opinion on why he thinks America should not have a muslim presidency. Although, he does back up his statement with a comment about how he also believe that if the individual is muslim but has shown the public that they are qualified for the job and is responsible in making desicions and actions, then he would then rethink his decision and possibly vote for that individual. What do you think? Do you believe that it is possible for America to have a muslim president? Do you believe that if we were to have a Muslim president, that they would make the correct decisions for our country? Is Dr. Carson wrong for his statements on this topic?


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