Luther Movie Review – Jasmine Bermudez

The movie was extremely interesting and impacting to the viewer, the indulgences were important for the church because it is to be able to save the ones in deep sin, to be able to spare the people so they can go into heaven, as well as to be able to pay the church like the monk said that a coin saves a life in purgatory. The indulgences were a comfort to the people because the monk was saying about a feeling of being burned not just for a few moments but for an eternity and that the Pope is giving the people a gift to be saved, being saved by a piece of paper that symbolizes being saved, pretty much buying a ticket to heaven (the way I understood it). Luther maintained that he was not against the Church, but he was protesting against having to take money from people to be able to be saved, which Luther thought was wrong. It was very important that Luther revoked his writings because that is not what was obligated to be followed, as if Martin Luther were saying the ways are wrong, unless it is proven by scriptures. The source for religious authority for Martin Luther is the love and trust in God, in Christ, in the love with each other, in living the word of God, in fearing not in God, in serving and helping one other. Finally, it was dangerous to translate the Bible to German because it was going to separate them from Rome, and that they were not going to accept it and they were going to strike back. Overall the movie itself was very interesting and informative, that it even got me thinking about what Martin Luther was doing and how in some of the things I do agree with and how somethings I do not agree in.

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