Luther Movie Review – The Selling of Indulgences

During the early 1200s, the Catholic Church began to claim they had access to indulgences, the full or partial absolution of sin from the sinner. Penitents also believed they would shorten their time spent in purgatory and could buy indulgences for sins not even committed yet. By reimbursing the Church a certain quota, one could essentially “pay their way to heaven.” Catholics during this time felt a sense of security because they were saving themselves and their families from the fiery grips of the hereafter. Not many understood that only a priest could absolve the sins of a truly penitent worshiper. Indulgences were formulated in efforts to accumulate wealth for the Church. They were a very important source of income for greedy priest figures. As anyone with some sense can put together, this was obviously a false notion. It was the main cause Luther split from the Catholic Church.


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