Luther Movie

This movie was very nice. It had a happy ending like all of the movie that we expect in USA. One of the first thing that Luther did not like was how the church was collecting indulges form all of the poor people. I think the reason that the church collected indulges because it was corrupted. Money was power. They spent all of those money for their own goods and not for others. they were greedy and did not care about anyone. also they were taking the money to give it to pay the debts.

It was dangerous to translate the bible in the German because everyone will be able to read it and they would not follow the pope. they would soon find out that the church was corrupted. And this would take power away for the church. People would soon realize that the church lied to them all and chaos would be spread all over the country. This is exactly what happens at the end of the movie when all of the people become chaotic and out of control.

Thought out the movie the church and the pope tried to convince to revoke his writing and destroy it. this was very important to the church because this would stop the people form questioning about the indulges. When Luther started to spread his meaning around the country people started to believe him and question the church that they lied to them and took their money for no reasons. This way the church would be stopped form falling apart if Luther destroys his writing. This movie shows that you should stand for what you believe like hoe Luther did.


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