Luther Review

I was not at all expecting to enjoy this movie as much as i did watching Luther because I don’t watch too many religious movies. It helped me gain a better understanding of the church which is very important and has also raised my interest even more in learning more about the church. The movie displays the life of Luther, a monk whom later became a teacher of theology, in such a clear way that I not only got a great understanding of his life and what he went through bu also of the catholic church. The church mislead the people into believing that indulgences is the way to salvation. It was very much important to the church because it was a way to not only corrupt the mind of the people but gain finances. Since the people believed that once they pay their indulgences, their spot in heaven is secured, it gave them a sense of comfort, a feeling off no longer having to worry about their salvation. Seeing this was very sad because the people were being corrupted without having the slightest idea! They were not able to read the Bible for themselves, even some of the priest weren’t.  The people of power knew that if the Bible has been translated to the German where everyone can read and understand then chaos will start taking place so then since Luther decided to do the translation he was forced to recant which he decided not to do. He felt as though it was his duty to provide the truth to the people;indulgences cannot provide salvation, it is found only through Jesus Christ.

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