Martin Luther Movie Review

Why are indulgences important for the Church?

Indulgences where extremely important to the church because it was their way of collecting funds to sustain the church and build St. Peters Basilica. They would promise entrance to heaven in exchange for money. This money was the funds used by the church. Without the indulgences they had little or no funds to spend on the church.

Luther maintained that he was not against the Church, but what was he protesting against? 

Luther was not against the church, neither was he was not against Jesus. Rather, he was gainst those who said they were standing for the word of God yet were absolutely corrupted. He developed a strong negative sentiment against the church officials because they wanted to control the people by telling them in Jesus word that their thoughts were true. This way, they could have control of the people and grow financially. Their acting was morally wrong and was what lead Luther to “rebel” against them and create such commotion within people.

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