Miguel Bonnelly: Luther Movie Review

I want to start of by saying that I really enjoyed this movie. I feel like it really illustrates the tough efforts of Martin Luther’s reform of the Church.

Answers to questions

Why are indulgences important for the Church?

The indulgences are important to the Church because that is how they get money to stay in power. They give indulgences out to the people and in return they get the people’s money. With all the money, they stay in power.

Why was it so dangerous to translate the bible to German?

It was dangerous to translate the Bible to German because then the  common person can read it. The Bible was first in Latin and only members of the Catholic Church were able to read and interpret the Bible. With it being translated to the German, the people can read the Bible and interpret the Word for themselves. This can be seen as a threat to the Catholic Church because then people will have different interpretations of the Bible and thus not follow the Catholic Church. It is not just dangerous to translate the Bible into German, but into any other common language as well. 

Why was it so important that Luther revoked his writings?

It was important for Luther to revoke his writings probably because he had risen up and had a reputation for his works. He already had presented his interpretations and his criticism against the Catholic church to the people. He already had many people agree with him and follow his ideas. Martin Luther had a lot of influence on the people so by him revoking his work, the people will stand down and follow the Catholic Church again instead of following Luther’s work

How are Indulgences a Comfort to the people?

Indulgences comfort the people because it makes them believe that if they get an indulgence then their sins are forgiven and they and their loved ones will exit purgatory and enter Heaven. It comforts them because with this, they believe they and their loved ones will enter Heaven and not Hell

What is the source for religious authority for Luther? 

Luther uses Scripture as the religious authority for his works. In this case, that Holy Sacred Scripture would be the Bible.

Luther maintained that he was not against the Church, but what was he protesting against? 

Luther was not against the Church but against the corruption of the members inside the Church. He initially did not want to break away from the Catholic Church but to reform it. The church were doing many things that were not in the Scripture and thus was corrupted by many of its members. Martin Luther saw this and so he wanted to change this. One of the biggest corruption tactics used by the church that Luther was against was indulgences and relics. Martin Luther wanted to reform the church.

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