Omalys Morales- Luther

WOAH ! This movie was beyond amazing. Definetely adding it to my favorite movies of the year. I was very surprised at the outcome of Luther’s intentions. He meant no harm and on the contrary it created a lot of chaos, which was why it was so important for him to revoke his writings. The Church wanted to keep everything and everyone under control by using the word of God. Yet, they use idolatry and used other negative methods to do so and manipulated the crowd. I was surprised that Luther knew this could bring him trouble and he still said no, he will not revoke his work unless there is proof in the scriptures, etc. It was dangerous to translate the bible to German because that would bring rivalry with Rome. As mentioned before, they did not want the “normal” people to be able to interpret the bible because they would start coming up with their own conclusions. They used the excuse of “they would not understand”. Indulgences are a Comfort to people because they feel that it is their path to saving themselves or anyone else. They thought that the purgatory would be of less or no harm and that their sins would not have any punishment.

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