Omalys Morales- Presentation Question

1- Do you believe that animal sacrifices should be removed from Santeria, despite the fact that it is the base for initiation?

2- Do you think it is of importance how an animal is being sacrificed if at the end they will still be killed ?

3 responses to “Omalys Morales- Presentation Question

  1. 1.) I do not think that animal sacrifices should be removed from Santeria, it is their practice and has been for many years. Not just that but it is not illegal to kill an animal, we kill them every single day by the millions to sell for mass production and distribution. Why can it not be alllowed for a religious belief?
    2.) I do, however, think it is important how the animal is sacrificed. I would hope that it is not in a gruesome way; just something quick and easy. There is no need for anything too abusive, and as long as it is in Santeria that we are talking about, I know they don’t.


  2. 1. I believe that it should not be removed from santeria because at the end of the day, you are tethering with the beliefs of those people. It would be selfish for anyone who is not a part of that religion to try to change the way that they do things just because it may be bothering someone who is an animal lover or a part of the humane society. Especially if its been that way for decades, i dont see why anyone would want to make a difference now.
    2. I do and do not think it matters. It depends on the case-scenario. i don’t think the animal should be tortured, but i do believe it should be an quick death if the animal is going to end up dying anyways.


  3. 1. I believe that in Santeri animals should not be sacrificed anymore. Although it would be changing the initiation process, it should be changed. They can find something else to sacrifice, because I have seen the way some animals have been killed such as ducks beheaded and tossed into the canal that I fish at. It is all done in a gruesome way.
    2. I do think the way the animal is sacrificed matters a lot. it matters simply because now a days people don’t really care in my opinion, some people im not saying all, do not feel bad for animals and kill them just to kill, and it turns into abuse instead of sacrificing the animals in a quick and painless way.


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