Denise Gonzalez-Abreu: LUTHER – SACRED SYMBOL AND RITUAL (movie review)

The indulgence were vital to the church because it gave a way to sustain the power within the church. It allowed the church to stay above ground and remain at its peak of importance.

Translating the Bible into the German language would mean expanding the receivers of the word of Christ. The catholic church wanted to maintain their exclusivity by having the word of God written in a language only they could interpret, Latin. Having the Bible translated in other languages would diminish the sacred image of the Word of God and, also allow people to be open to opinion.

Luther understood that by revoking his writings, the power he obtained would be handed back to the catholic church. All of those who followed in his leadership will be placed back under the hand of the Catholic Church. This was vital, as it was a physical form of surrender.

Indulgences create a form of security for the people of the Catholic faith. By receiving an indulgence for your sins, you are now accepted into heaven without any fear of rejection. The indulgences posed as a cleaning or atonement for the sins of one and their loved ones.

The Luther source of religious authority derived from the sacred text that is the bible.

Luther protested against the corruption within the catholic church. He believed that the opinions of man and leadership were beginning to overpower the foundation of the sacred scriptures. Many of the actions that were being performed were not bound to the truth of the Word of God.


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