Leslie Osorno – Luther Movie Review

The movie Luther was a very intriguing movie for me. It was not what I expected honestly, definitely won’t be the last time I watch it.

The indulgences became an important aspect to the church because they needed to be in power. The church became so corrupted that people were purchasing their salvation. This made the indulgences secure to the people because they already felt like they had a spot reserve for Heaven. The church tried to get their money out of the people in order to stay in power.

Luther was trying to reform the catholic church by using the bible. His mission was to eliminate all of the profane actions that the church was doing in order to savor his beliefs.

It was important that Luther revoked his writings because he already had influenced others, so whatever actions he took, the people will follow.

Luther was not against the church but was protesting against the corruption of the members.

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