Luther – Movie Review

It was dangerous to the Romans for the bible to be translated in German, because, like any phrase translated to another language, the meaning may change. They were scared of losing followers. There was a scene during Luther’s rigorous effort of translating the holy text, where he couldn’t think of the German word for “will” and as he thought of words that could translate to that he realized that the message may be perceived differently. Instead, he decided to translate the message itself and not the wording. In a way I thought that in him doing so, this would hinder the ability for Germans to create their own sense of the text.

Before Luther decided to translate the Bible to German, he was appalled by the idea of Relics representing the presence of Christ. He claimed not to be against the church, which is what the followers that rebelled misunderstood. He was against selling of indulgences by the Roman Catholic church and their neglect of using compassion towards everyone as equals, since only the rich were more likely to be free of their sins for buying these indulgences.


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