Luther Movie Review- Analee Wharton

Why are indulgences important for the Church?

Indulgences were important for the church because they provided the church with a means in which to sustain itself.

Why was it so dangerous to translate the bible to German? 

Translating the Bible to German posed an obvious threat to the church and people in power because that would mean that the common folk would be able to read the Bible for themselves and interpret it. They would begin to question the teachings of those in power and this would potentially start a revolution.

Why was it so important that Luther revoked his writings?

It was imperative that Luther revoked his writings because his words started to lead people astray and those in power wanted to remain in power, and they couldn’t do so with Luther mixing things up and letting people know that the church was corrupt.

How are Indulgences a Comfort to the people?

The people used indulgences as a crutch. They basically bought indulgences and that guaranteed them and their loved ones a spot in heaven, free from purgatory.

What is the source for religious authority for Luther? 

Luther’s source of religious authority is the sacred scripture, the Bible.

How does ritual serve as a form of catharsis?

I think that ritual serves as a form of catharsis in that it allows the people a sense of comfort. They know that they have such and such to be done at such and such a time and it relieves the stress of not knowing.

Luther maintained that he was not against the Church, but what was he protesting against? 

Initially Luther’s intent was not to break away from the church, but rather to reform it and restore it to its roots, free from corruption. He was protesting against the selling of indulgences and overall greed displayed by most members of the church.

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