Luther Movie Review by Karen Cordoves

This film is something that l thought l wouldn’t enjoy and I actually did. It’s a great story of how to learn the origin and the history of Church. It involves Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation. Joseph Fiennes who is the actor and plays Luther, is an intelligent monk, priest and a professor who discovers the beauty and grace of the bible, which not everyone could obtain to read. I usually don’t watch religious movie , but this one caught my eye, it wasn’t boring and quite interesting. Indulgences is important to the Church do to all the power they hold by people’s money.

Luther was upset at the fact that the church did that and not guide and help people. Luther had followers, because he had set his own ideas and thoughts about the Church. Martin had to revoke his writings because he had too much influence on the people, and to not follow his work, he had to give that up so the people can follow the Catholic Church again.

Indulgences is a comfort to the people, because it gives them faith and belief that their sings will disappear and their loved ones will enter heaven. Luther did not want to step away from the Catholic Church from the people inside of it. He simply wanted to change something that he was not comfortable with. Everyone was getting corrupted by lies and he couldn’t deal with the dilemma. He wanted to reform the Catholic Church. I highly recommended people to watch the movie.


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