In Current News (Buddhism)

Should the Supreme Sanghia Court give equal standing between Bhikkunis and Male monks because of how well they conduct themselves or because of modern times or continue to follow the traditional thought of women expressed in Buddhism long ago?

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  1. Perceptions of Buddhism, especially Theravada Buddhism, will change, if the Supreme Sangha Council grants such equal standing between ordained monks and nuns. The Sangha Council or the Supreme Patriarchy, as the name implies, will most likely remain true to its roots or patriarchal ideology. From a modern standpoint, bhikkunis should be held at an equal regard to monks, for they both aid lay Buddhists to seek Enlightenment through the Middle Path, an irrefutable goal and their prescribed function. Altering the established, patriarchal order will serve to upset the majority of Buddhist monks, whom, evidently, hold themselves in a higher regard compared to the remaining lay people; and this applies especially to Theravada Buddhist monks. The progressive modern world will continue to pressure the rigid stubborn-ness of traditional practices and beliefs supported by The Supreme Patriarchy, with the increased access of knowledge and information in modernized countries. However, geographically, culturally, and technologically isolated regions, characterized by traditional Buddhist characteristics, will remain static regarding the equal treatment of bhikkunis; and even if the Sangha Court establishes such a change, said regions might just seek further isolation and remain true to their outdated cosmology.

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  2. The separation of female and male is important in many cultures. At least for the time being. In some ways western society suffers from both parents neglecting the next generation. Not only the children suffer but in my extensive work history women are exposed to the worst temptations often misusing the feminist empathetic perspective of those around them to sabotage, extort, bypass chain of command, and so much worse. Thats reality, no matter how inconvenient it is, sorry. The only time I wasn’t in absolute fear of a narcissistic female was sympathetic female leadership. I say sympathetic because they are protected by their own gender from the weapons of those types of females that migrate into the workplace. Now this is the reality now, and is an unhealthy reality. I am not saying that women couldn’t coexist, but there has to be some equality protecting the poor saps from being destroyed by those super scary women out there. Now, take an anthropological perspective of the male female relationship. Monks are men, now if a town loses a man it doesn’t typically impact the health of the town. Women are the home and health of a society. All over history men have acted as the proverbial sacrificial lens of the society. In many ways a mans life is measured on its ability to afford and accommodate for the female gender to sustain the society. Due to the nature of competition and some can argue the “human condition” (I disagree on this) of wanting violence evolution has been slow. Now think of women as providing the base structure of the maslow’s pyramid of hierarchy. With a home and structure the man and notable woman (typically when she is not being taxed to death by providing for ten kids/husband (and even sometimes with this being the case)) is able to attain enough specialization to push for society to improve. The women’s suffrage movement is exactly this, technology has eleiviated the burden on the female gender and now they are able to perform with the man, and introduce a completely different approach at times. Though women have suffered, just as the african american then later black american population has suffered it allowed for your generation. The struggle has led to the evolution of humankind. We are on the precipice of change and in our culture women are able to contribute because of the many advances. These other cultures may not be able to survive without a women to feed, cloth, love, nurture, and support them. Hopefully the world will find away around this, and when that happens I am sure there will be a universal awakening with other countries not being subjugated by our and similarly competitive societies. I just hope there is no generationally passed down animosity that causes conflict, like “ultra feminism”, and “reverse racism”. Things happened to get us here and as buddha preached in the analogy: you must cast away the raft that carried you across the river to be able to ascend the mountain.


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