Megan Project 10/26/15

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This picture shows my oldest sister Ana wearing her Star of David necklace. This shows how religious symbols are part of our everyday life they are even found as jewelry designs. People constantly ask if she is Jewish since she is wearing an important symbol of the Jewish religion, and she always responds by saying how she is not religious but she likes what the Star of David means. She says is the union of the Earth and the Sky and the perfect balance of nature and life.

After researching on the Jewish religion and this symbol specifically, I discovered there is not a definite explanation of what it it represents. There are multiple theories and one of them is the reason my sister likes this symbol. Conclusion: she is not part of most people who do not know what the symbol means and if you see a tiny blonde walking around Brickell with a Star of David on her neck, that is probably my sister.

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