megan project: Buddha at the poker tablejh

Not too long ago I was playing poker at the miccesouki where I spent my night interacting with and observing some fascinating characters. It’s amazing how superstitious some people may be, especially inside a casino. Once I sat at my first table, it didn’t take long to find the little gold Buddha that ironically ceased to bring this poor old man any luck. The guy was pretty aggravated and confronted me about taking a picture of him when in fact I was taking a picture of his little apprentice. This picture is one taken during the 2012 World Series of poker. I find it fascinating that MANY people play their hands with a little gold Buddha figure. Using a religious symbol so that the “odds” can be in “your favor” while gambling seems a little immoral to me, but I can’t say much because I don’t know why they do it. 



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