Megan Project – Part 2 (Samantha Perez)


For my second Megan Project upload i decided to take a picture of a rosary that one of my closest friends has hanging on the rear-view mirror of his car. He says that he has it there because he feels like it is a good source of guidance knowing that while he is driving on the crazy streets of miami, God is looking out for him and keeping him safe.

A rosary is what those of the Catholic religion use as prayer beads. Each time they are reciting prayers such as “Hail Mary” or any of the “Lord’s Prayers”, The Rosary is used to emphasize a life closer to God and the Virgin Mary. When praying with a rosary, you must devote all of your focus and attention to connecting with such a sacred item. Its disrespectful if you dont take the prayers seriously because of how strong of a symbol The Rosary possesses.

It wont make sense for someone who doesn’t take Catholicism seriously or doesnt pray on a daily basis to suddenly want to use the prayer beads when they are going through a difficult point in their lives. For those who just tattoo the rosary on themselves or use it for recreational purposes, it is disrespectful or someone who does feel strongly about it will take offense to the situation.

All in all, each bead on the rosary means something different, they are all different sizes which mean that they are all for different prayers and someone who is invested in the religion and in the prayer would know thoroughly exactly what it all means. The number of beads on a rosary also has a meaning behind how many times you need to recite each prayer. This is a strong representation of the Catholic religion which my friend takes part in. Although we do not practice the same religion, our friendship is a great representation of unity amongst different faiths.

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