Meagan Project: Starbucks Siren


Based on the size of my mug, you can probably guess that I have a bit of a caffeine problem. Based on the logo, you will undoubtedly recognize where I bought the mug. Starbucks’s siren has graced the eyes of every member of the college community, making it a powerful logo that demands recognition.
Starbucks borrowed an excellent creature to represent them. In Greek mythology, Sirens are beautiful sea-dwelling creatures who lure sailors to their demise with their looks, music and voices. When looking at the metaphors of this myth, we can see some hints of obsession and addiction. This parallels with how the promise of coffee in the morning is enough to get us to roll out of bed. Of course, coffee is addictive and has no problem pulling us back to it. I guess coffee is a bit like the modern day siren. All hail the siren!


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