Broken Rosary and a Catholic Superstition


A Rosary is a set of prayer beads that are made in a certain order to guide a set of prayers. A typical rosary used for prayers is a strings of beads or knots that has a loop with five sections, each separated by a larger bead, but containing 10 small beads. Hanging from the loop is a string of five beads and a cross.

As a person prays, they begin at the Cross and move through the beads around the loop. Each bead represents a certain prayer: Each small bead is a Hail Mary, but the larger beads represent meditation on a “mystery” in the life of Jesus or Mary. According to my source, there are four sets of “Mysteries”, however many people use the Rosary structure to pray for other things, such as family.

But what is the significance of a Broken Rosary? Some say it means someone is upset with you, others say it’s an especially bad omen, or it could just be bad luck. How I grew up, my Grandmother always told me to pray with the beads, and if they should break, then I just put too much prayer into them for them to hold. However, when I became a teenager and my grandmother passed away, the broken rosary became a different meaning. The Broken Rosary to me today represents bad luck, and proper disposal of the rosary at a church is necessary to ward away this bad luck.

(This picture is not my own, I obtained it from Google, because I could not find a broken Rosary in our household).

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