Look Good. Feel Good. Without God.

This picture was taken in early July of 2015, at Florida International University.  I stumbled upon a peculiar card when walking by VH, this was the first time I had ever seen such a statement in writing.

I’m unsure as to whether the creator of this card disagrees with monotheistic, polytheistic or anLook Goody theistic religion for that matter. Its bold statement is too vague to deduce the intended target of dissent. This card most likely represents the increased ‘secularization,’ in the United States, and growing religious dissidence of the rising generation of the 21st century. It could be due to the vast amounts of attainable information from the internet, circulating a myriad of different ideological, philosophical, or cultural  ideas. Maybe it is the secular influence of the American consumer culture, hence the “Look Good. Feel Good.” I have witnessed similar ‘propaganda,’ all across the city; people distancing themselves from organized religious institutions that may be perceived today as “strict” and “controlling.” I am unsure of the current cultural trend regarding such organized religions but I testify to the effects of American ‘secularization’ through friendships, business relations, and interpersonal experiences.

Nevertheless, this modernized, 1st world country that is the USA may just be on its way to looking good and feeling good, without God.


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