Luther Review, Lylliette Borrajero

  • Why are indulgences important to the church? How did they comfort people?

Indulgences were basiclaly the churches way to ensure their power and security. They used this method to get money from the people to themselves while assuring the givers that they would be rewarded for their help and sacrfice. So countless church goers would give them money in exchange for a secure pot in heaven for themselves and their families because that is what the churces would promise them. (SO DUMB)

  • What is the source of religious authority for Luther? Why was it so important that he revoked his writings? What was Luther protesting against?

Luthers sole source of religious authority wa the Biblebut he was incredibly et down by the structure of the church. His initial intention wa not to stray fromt he church but when he saw all their greed and how they would use indulgences in their favor and steal from those they were supposed to be helping, he was not pleased. so for this reasson he did seperate himself, which brought him many dilemmas. His voice and his writings did not go unnoticed and it soon became of the upmost importance for the power hungry individuals of the church to go after him and revoke his writings. Revoltion of their people was not something they would want, and they were not intending to let him get away with any words that went againsst them.


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