Megan Project: Natalia Lugo


Last week I was over my friends house when I noticed her phone case. I have always been a fan of Ganesha but i never really took into fact the symbolic mean for which he stand for. Ganesha is one of the most known deities in the Hindu religion. Ganesha’s elephant head, big belly and four arms makes\ him very recognizable. He is known as the God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings. Ganesha is the symbol of he who has discovered the Divinity within himself. I asked my friend if the phone case was a religious symbol for her but in honesty she just had it because Ganesha looked “cool” and everyone has a similar case. Ganesha in the western hemisphere has become a sort of design that has become hip while on the eastern hemisphere you will find way more of  his actual followers and believers.


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