Megan Project: Second Picture: Lighting


I have always found lighting to be a beautiful gift from God. I grew up being taught that the thunder and lighting is a way that God did not like what was happening and how I was behaving so as a child I would always try to behave good and everything and when I would see it I would always say that someone else wasn’t behaving good. The lighting to me is a very religious symbol, because of something personal that actually happened to me…I was a freshman in high school and I had always been afraid of lighting because of the many things I have heard. One day after school I was walking home and I was caught on in a horrible rainstorm, long story short, I was almost hit by lighting and I swear my life had flashed before my eyes, but the lighting missed me by a street off. Ever since that day I have grown a great respect to lighting, a great interest, as well as a minor fear but that is what brings me closer to it. The religious meaning to me for lighting is not that God is showing a form of discomfort like how I was taught, but a symbol to show us the beauty of God’s rays and God’s way of telling us never to forget him. I have three pictures in one and they all show a different form as lighting is shown, one picture is a ball of light, the other is the lighting being thrown on the side and the last one is a thin line of lighting. It’s all the beauties of God and all His graces and love to us.

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