Service Teachings

To the naked eye, this picture could be seen as a school presentation. However, to those who are not aware, this picture is actually a church undergoing a retreat teaching service. I had the opportunity to attend this Christian retreat and witness for the first time something that can deceive others. While the traditional churches have been built centuries ago with extraordinary bases and architecture, we forget the purpose of it all. A Christian temple attracted the naked eye to wondering eyes looking to seek into a new and unexplored culture, most of the teachings do not happen behind an actual Christian Temple. In the photo, the retreat teaching is happening at a Hotel. To this particular church, there is an approximately eighty church sub groups that traditionally have twelve disciples in them. All the teaching occur behind closed doors not at a temple, but rather in public spaces. Have you ever seen a group just randomly pray beneath your eyes blessing their food? Or a team at a park gathering at midfield to pray for the game? I witness this rarely, but it happens. This photo represents somewhat of an misconception that church teaching primarily happen at this exotic and beautiful temples. To these followers, it does not matter if they are at a park, restaurant, temple, or in public, but rather what happens in these areas is what matters most. They want to be noticed as the difference between people in church and people that don’t necessarily belong to a religious community. The people will pray, worship, and give teachings everywhere they go. There is no limit to what they can do because they are not ashamed of what and who they are


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