Evil Eye


After a long and tiresome day at work, I decided to visit the Hallmark shop next to my restaurant. It was September 4th, my younger sister’s birthday, and I was in search of the perfect card to give to her. As I was strolling through the isles of letters I came across a basket of evil eyes. For all of my life I have had a thing for eyes and their symbolism. They embody perception, insight and wisdom. The eye is supposed to bring happiness and satisfaction in the lives of friends and families. They also provide protection from envious friends and strangers. I thought this was truly a sign I had to gift my sister with! So I bought her the token of luck. The evil eye is said to have emerged around the Upper Paleolithic age where they were first recorded by the Mesopotamians about 5,000 years ago in cuneiform on clay tablets. We find this figure in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies. It is without a doubt one of the most universal and well-known symbols of the world.

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