Meghan Project: Yin & Yang : Tristan Plasencia

While on campus the other day, I noticed a tattoo of a symbol known as the “Yin and Yang”. While I looked at it, it struck me as being a religious symbol and I decided to write my meghan project report on it. First off, th Yin and Yang symbol comes from Chinese philosophy. The yin and Yang is a symbol that represents the concept as duality forming a whole. Some examples of what the yin and yang can represent include, night (yin) and yang (day), and female (yin) and yang (male). When the yin and yang are combined, they should combine with each other to form part of life. Yin and yang are also said to express inward and outward energy. This comes back to the concept of the yin and yang forming duality as a whole. These outward and inward movements are expected to repel each other and maintain balance and harmony. Yang is the expression of our masculine energy and the Yin is the expression of our feminine energy, without each other they cannot exist. In the symbol itself, there are dots on each side of the yin and yang. The small dots on each side show that within each of the two energies, there is a small amount of the opposite energy. This means that within yin, there is some yang and vice versa.

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