John Perez: God On Trial Movie Review

I thought this was a great movie. It gave you these men’s perspective on what it must have been like during that time and situation. The most interesting part to me was when the man spoke about his children and how he was made to choose one of them and could not. However, even after him questioning God and where his free will was then, he still told everyone how he knows God is there at the camp and can feel his warmth from the sun sometimes. Later on he says, that you can always question where this evil comes from, but in turn, where does all this good come from as well. The whole movie I was waiting for the rabbi to speak, because for the whole trial he was quiet and praying to himself. I did not expect him to say what he did, but he came to the conclusion that their God is not actually a good God. The whole history of Israel shows the suffering people had to endure for the success and prosperity of Israel. In the rabbi’s eyes, now it was their turn to endure the suffering. To me though, the best part was that even though they found God guilty of breaking the covenant and could not understand why he would do such a thing, they still prayed to their God and had faith in him as they were being sent to their death.

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