Leslie Osorno – God on Trial

God on Trial was a powerful movie that really caught my attention. it was actually my favorite movie of the semester. Its about the Jewish people in the concentration camps during the holocaust. Most Jews started to question their faith and God himself because of their sufferings. The Jews started a trial on God which help them try to understand God himself. This was a form of comfort to them to talk about God and its scripture. During the trial an individual pointed out that the Jews throughout time were always suffering when captured by the Babylon, after that the Romans and now. He said the point is to be a good Jew and still have faith. But others questions him by explaining why be a good Jew if their still getting these punishments? especially children. they go on to argue about purification and that when something like this happens good will come out of it. But the idea that struck me the most was when it was time for the verdict and one of the individuals stated “don’t let them take your God away.” I feel like that’s the most powerful statement because no matter what God is untouchable and its the strongest belief you can ever have.


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