Christianity: The choice between martyrdom and survival


—How far should a Christian go to save their lives, is reciting the shahada another form of denying Christ?


One response to “Christianity: The choice between martyrdom and survival

  1. As David Oginde stated, “a true Christian must be ready to live and die for the faith.” However, what one does not take into account is that if one were to act as martyrs and sacrifice themselves for their faith, they are not taking into account the repercussions and impacts it may leave on individuals around them. Some may view reciting a prayer in Arabic or answering questions about Islam as a way of lying to their faith. However, depending on the circumstances would it serve as a way of protecting themselves from life threatening situations. Although reciting the shahada may carry out the fact that one is not being truthful to their religion, or denying their Christian faith, if one is looking out for their well-being as well as the well-being of others, it can be just for an individual to want to save and protect themselves. Viewed as a fight for survival, one would go to great extents to save themselves. For some individuals, it can be viewed as a negative and offensive action, being that God was known to have sacrificed and died for our sins, expecting individuals to do the same. However, the Bible does not mention that one should be willing to die or sacrifice themselves at any given circumstance. Yes one has to stay truthful to their word and value their religion, but in such circumstance presented, reciting the shahada is not a form of denying Christ but as a way of protecting themselves and the well-being of others.


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