God on Trial by Karen Cordoves

God on trial has been one of the best movies that we have had to watch and write about it. It connects to me, because the Holocaust was such an important event that occurred and people still talk about it. The movie focuses on the Jewish people in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. The movie has a very strong and powerful message when it comes to God. Is God on their side? Can he really be blamed or not? The story line, gave a well descriptive of what happened and for us to watch it, it gives an insight perspective of the event. The Jewish don’t know what to think or what to believe in, anymore. This is why they put God on trial, because they felt betrayed and abandoned by all their sufferings, and questioning, why me? They wanted to know why God was putting them through this, to understand
God’s intentions. It is difficult having faith and hanging on to it because of what is happening. I also think it was an emotional piece, because knowing that you want everything to go away and not suffer in front of your children or even your children going through the same situation is hard breaking. God gives us faith to keep our days as bright as the sun, but when you have no choice or everything is out of your hands, what do you do?



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