God on Trial Stefano Parodi

God on Trial is a movie that takes place during Wold War II, the main idea brought upon this movie is if god broke his pledge by enabling the nazis to commit genocide; because of this they decided to put god on trial. The man that re currently in a concentration camp have different opinions on how God has affected what is happening to them, they have questions that want answering, some say that this is all part of gods big plan, and some say god isn’t real cause everything bad is happening to their people. They put God on trial because some felt abandoned, like he just left them for dead- because in their minds they knew the next step is the gas chamber.  The story here is able to let us feel the emotions these people had during this hard time. I remember hearing a character say that this is a test, a test to see who is really a believer. Now how can you put your faith on “GOD” when you see millions of people dying and kids getting shot all over the place. This movie gets you thinking about your faith in “GOD” what would you have done in this trial?


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