God On trail

This film definately was not what I thought it would be. I expected a sappy, sentimental production, and was surprised with an intelligent, thought provoking discussion among prisoners in the camps of Germany. made me sit back and think about the questions posed from a Jewish perspective. It made me marvel at the perseverence of a people who notoriously have suffered at the hands of others, and yet, still maintain a devotion to God rivaled by few. What impacted me the most is that they decided the only way to decide if God was guilty or innocent was to put God on trial. A panel of three ‘judges’ was selected, one of whom actually taught criminal law in real life. . What follows is a passionate discussion of whether God has abandoned His people and, therefore, is guilty of the atrocities happening there. Makes you re-think your relationship with God, and makes you wonder, in the face of such adversity, if ones faith would be so strong, or if you would feel abandoned by your Creator.


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