God On Trial by Miguel Bonnelly

I would like to start off by saying that I really enjoyed this movie. It provides an excellent visual representation of what the Jews were going through and thinking during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a terrible and devastating time for the Jewish people. They were killed in different ways, tortured, were test subjects to medical experiments, ect. Most people know what was done to the Jewish people however not everyone knows what the Jewish people were thinking and how they were dealing with all this misfortune. This movie does a great job of showing us that. This movie shows us how many Jews were losing their faith due to the events of the holocaust. They believed that God had abandoned them, or God is punishing them, or maybe even that God doesn’t even exist. Whatever the case may be, many are losing their faith in God. At the same time, many are remaining strong in their faith and trying not to let the others faith in God fail. Things get very interesting when the Jews in the movie decide to put “God on trial.” They set it up like a court case and put God on the trial. This is where their academic study of the Torah comes in. Those that know the Torah very well, are able to defend God against the accusations that are presented against him. My favorite argument made against the accusation would be when they say that they have always suffered and gone through tough times throughout history. Jewish people have gone through many many hard times like being slaves in Egpty, and captive by the Babylonians, the Romans, ect. But they always remained strong in their faith and it still stands strong till this day. I also liked when they got the teaching from Job when one of the men say that he will get the good stuff from God and also the bad. I think that the men that were strong in their faith and knew the Torah well “defended” God in an efficient way. This helped them remain in ther faith and help those that were losing their faith, get it back and remain strong and have trust in God. What probably impacted me most about this movie was seeing that the Jewish people went through something soo bad and unfortunate that they not only lost their faith but decided to put God on trial. Things must have gotten extremely bad, to a level that I do not understand, that they needed to do something like that. That is what probably impacted me the most. I enjoyed this movie a lot and it teaches us a lot about questioning ones faith.



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