Movie Review:God on Trial


The Jews had a difficult time dealing with evil and its theodicy. Coming up with an explanation as to why a holy, perfect, all-knowing God would allow evil was not easy, it even sounded as a paradox . Even the concept of free will became blurred when one of the Jews recounted his terrifying experience with having to choose one of children to survive and how he wasn’t able to. It shows that we don’t have as many choices as we think we do. We see how they question God, which is something Judaism values and seen as wrestling with God as Jacob did, something acceptable in their tradition.

What impacted me the most was that they concluded that God breached the covenant. The Jews accused their own God, the same one who had freed their ancestors from Egypt, parted the waters, and had guided the people through the desert for forty years. I thought they would have defended his case, but the horrible state that they found themselves influenced them to make claims against him. The end was disheartening but at the same time to see them recite a prayer while being executed was moving because it demonstrated that though they had their doubts if God was with them, they showed reverence in their last breath.

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