Lylliette Borrajero, Violence and Sacrifice

Girards theory is the essence of The Purge as a whole. He rationalized that humans need to be with or against something, so they group up. When people group they share interest and dislikes, they have the same views and desires. In the movie we see how it is all the individuals that are in positions of greater power grouping together to get rid of the of those that are at the bottom of their social chain. Government let the annual purge be a thing because of it’s obvious benefits to their class. By sacrificing those that are homeless, poor, sick or whoever the deem unfit, there are in turn more jobs and space as well as more money while reducing ‘crime’ and disease. It is supposed to act as a win win situation for all parties but in reality it is a way for the government to perform a population control without having to get their own hands dirty. This goes hand in hand with the idea of violence being inherent in humans. Lets go back to where Girard says that humans like to group and share interest for their own greater good. Or better yet, lets go back to Darwinism, because this is survival of the fittest just in groups and at a greater scale. It is what we live by, we forget humans are still animals and it is in our nature. If you have the upper hand, if you can take control over others, if you have these abilities and in our world money(which can buy ANYTHING)  you hold the power. Suvival of the fittest to the brim.

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