Extra Credit Movie Review (Titanic) -Omalys Morales

Titanic is one of the most known movies of all time. The unsinkable ship has captured many hearts. Many people have seen or heard about what happened the night of April 15, 1912. It was definitely a tragic night that no one  will ever forget. Many lives were taken away and many families were torn apart that day.

Religion is found in movies in obvious or subliminal ways. In the movie, you can see how they people who attended (high class of course) went to church. We can see this when Jack went to look for Rose. So you can see how people regardless on being on a ship were inside a church. As to show how important it is to give ones time to God regardless of location. They all sang religious songs and had a priest. The church was shown a couple of times in the movie.

I think it is interesting how Cal, the bad one in the film is seen as a religious right men, yet he is the mean one. He treats rose badly and disrespects her. Rose’s mother is also seen as a “moral” women, yet she is making her daughter marry a man than she cannot stand all for money. This shows how just because one is religious does not mean they are good. this in a way shows how the world is today or at the time they made the movie. People think they are good or hide behind religion to justify their wrong acts.

The most captivating part of the movie was when the ship was sinking. Chaos arouse quite rapidly as people figured that not everyone could fit inside the boats. Yet as mentioned in class, when chaos or tragic events happen people tend to pray. That is exactly what happened the night of the sinking of the titanic. One could see people praying but most importantly, the band sang to God. They did not bother to save themselves but instead they decided to sing “Nearer, My God, to thee”. They knew they would die but at least they also knew that they would now be closer to God. I think that when people recognized the song it kind of pacified a little bit the situation. It calmed the situation, even though it was for a quick second. So they last thing they decided to do was to just sing to God or in a different way pray.

Another interesting thing is how the captain Edward Smith claimed how not even God could sink the boat. I feel like many people had this stuck on their mind. This unsinkable ship could not be destroyed, not even by the most powerful. I feel that people who see this can say how God really is powerful and he can destroy if he wanted to. And how one should not doubt his abilities. The ship sunk and many people died even children.



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