Extra Credit

For my extra credit assignment i decided to do a paining that would symbolize the main religions in Cuba. My main aspect of the painting is the map of Cuba, i choose the color grey because i felt it was the color that most identified itself with the people of the island. Grey is an in between area between white and black between good and evil which is similar to to the religious followings of the those native the island. Many Cubans were baptized in a catholic church but still attend consultations with Santeros. The island is divided in the middle by  a dark line on one side is the the colors of the Spanish flag and on the other side are the colors of the African Continent. This symbolizes the two areas of the world which influenced the religions that are practiced i the island today. In addition to the island on one corner of the Caribbean sea we see the cross which is the roman Catholic church most common religious symbol and on the other corner we see an African symbol which represent peace, strength and stability, qualities shown by own of their strongest saints Chango.  As a whole this painting symbolizes the mixture of religions of the island of Cuba and how they arrived to the Caribbean island.

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