God on Trial- Omalys Morales

This movie was very powerful. I have seen many holocaust movies and ever wondered if they even stopped having faith because I am sure that they prayed and prayed and nothing they did could be stopped. I know that I would even start thinking about why am I going through such horrible pain if I am such a devoted person to God (putting myself in the Jewish position). They actually had a trial and one could see what actually went on inside the little cabins. They wanted to figure out whether God was really on their side. They thought that God had abandoned them or made a pact to protect others was interesting. The most interesting part for me was when one of the men mentioned how they were going through this because they were paying for a sin. This basically meant that they did this to themselves. I think this part interested me the most because I feel it was their way to feel relief. They could not justify God and say it is not him. I connected that to another class that I had (Anthropology) where it said that people who belief tend to justify or make an excuse for a God when something does not work out for them so they could keep believing. I feel like this is a perfect example of it.

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