Extra Credit: Painting Reflection


Paintings, and really all art forms, are special in the way that they convey a piece of the person who created them. Technically, one could say that they are almost spiritual in nature, since they contain a piece of a person’s spirit within them, showing a view that only the original creator of the picture could understand. When I paint, I become so relaxed doing something that I enjoy, that it allows my mind to wander off and reflect. Some of these reflective thoughts subconsciously becoming a part of the painting. This picture may not appear religious in nature, but in my opinion it does hold a spiritual meaning. The place depicted in the painting is a section of Hollywood beach which for me is very quiet and relaxing compared to the rest of the beach.  Meditation is a state that people can train their mind to be in so they can relax, reflect, and build up their mental fortitude. To do this, one needs to meditate and reflect in a spot that is relaxing and calm to them. For me, this is that spot. Now I might not full-on meditate like what is depicted in movies and on TV, but nonetheless this place is one of reflection for me given it’s calmness and serenity. This painting is tied to religion because meditation, and reflection in general, is an aspect of a plethora of religions; from Christianity to Buddhism to Islam, reflection and meditation is an important part of religious philosophy. Meditation and reflection need a calm place in which they can be practiced and this is why I chose to paint this particular picture. I find this location, whether observing the ocean or the reflections I chose to be a glorious vista for meditation and thought to occur.

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