God On Trial Movie Review

The movie was very powerful in the sense of how there was a trail on the faith to God. During the trial there was a man that his son was in the council of the court, that said to the read the Torah, read your history, we are Jews we suffer. This was during the beginning of the movie where the same father said that they are being tested by God, he also said  and discussed on the readings on the Torah, from the time the Jews were being freed from Egypt, getting captured again then freed and so on. So with that they are being tested and they should not give up on life. Another man talked about free will… how the soldiers took his son and made him choose one. The son in the council of the court told everyone and his father that the free will is gone because they do not have a choice in anything where they are at. The movie made me a little sad because of the ways they threw God down as in if it was His fault. As if he was a bad person and that He is doing this out of enjoyment. In the movie there was a man where went down on God and said that God is God but not their God because He has become the enemy of the Jews because He could of stopped it but did not. They believe and found God guilty of the crimes and the treatment if the Jews. The movie did make me sad and hurt in ways of the Jews saying blasphemy of God, but overall very interesting because of how they did the court and the details and testimonials of the Jews. As well as the way they pray while they are being called up by the soldiers.


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