Movie Review: God on Trial

The movie God on Trial was quite a powerful and interesting movie. It depicted the true atrocities that the Jews faced during the Holocaust. This was a very horrendous and trying time for the Jews. There religion and overall faith was questioned and put to the test. The Jews during the Holocaust dealt with the problem of evil, by putting God on a trial and questioning and talking about the overall problems and evil of the world. The opinions were often conflicting as some choose to stay positive and optimistic as they dealt with the problem of evil, and viewing it as God testing them. On the other hand, others choose to become sad and angry, in regards to the problem of evil and God, in a sense when they thought that God not helping them, when they need the most. The  tradition of the academic study of the Torah allowed them to question God without losing their religion in being that they were able to reflect on various points of the Torah and relate it to what happen or was happening to them during the Holocaust. They all questioned why God punished didn’t punish a “bad Jew” as oppose to a “good Jew” this debate goes back and forth. Furthermore and with this, they reason that the Holocaust will end and this would in a sense strength and make the Jews even better than ever afterwards. They still have hope, as it mentioned by one of the characters, felt the presence of God, one day. Finally and thus, what impacted me the most about the movies is the determination, hope, faith, and strength that most of Jews still had throughout the whole time even throughout the horrendous and terrible things that were experiencing during the Holocaust. They were still praying and remained faithful and strong even throughout the end, with most of the Jews being taken away to eventually be killed. This was amazing and inspiring to me, even throughout seeing and experiencing such horrors and atrocities, the Jews, for the most part remained united and still had faith in their God and religion.

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