One response to “Soteriology (Lyllliette) Disscusion Question

  1. In my opinion, I do not believe the “power of faith” is in direct correlation to salvation. Despite the fact that dying for one’s faith and sacrificing oneself for one’s faith has been an aspect that has been practiced for numerous years, individuals should not impose their religion upon others who hold a distinct viewpoint when compared to theirs. In my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and is entitled to practice their religion their own way within their own community. However, once someone begins forcing one’s religion upon others, without giving others the notion or consent whether to partake within the religion, then it starts to become a problem. How Isis has been evolving is based on the notion that their religion is the only religion and is therefore seen as the correct and most prominent form of religious practice, where if there were to be any outsiders out of their religion, they would either be forced or persuaded to convert or get killed. Yes some religions have adopted the notion that sacrificing oneself would bring eternal peace and would bring them closer to God or Allah. However, one should practice it within their religion and not influence, risk, or take the lives of innocent individuals to partake in the sacrificing towards their religion.


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