God On Trial Movie Review

The showing of God On Trial in class was not my first experience with this movie. I had seen it once before in high school, and wrote a paper on it then as well. In the movie, as you know, it is taking place in the time of the Holocaust. The main view is from the prisoners themselves and how they are determining why this is happening, and why God is allowing it. One night, while in the bunks, they begin to talk about the how this happening and, of course, how God is allowing it to happen. Why isn’t he saving them? How did it get like this in the first place? They then create the event of putting God on “trial”. They assign the decision makers, and begin taking turns with expressing their viewpoints. This part of the movie is where the plot comes to life and the importance of the message is shown. Of course, it is quickly determined who is frustrated and who wants to keep the faith. Many are accusing God of turning his back non is own people. How dare he?! Others are saying that he is punishing the Jews for their sins as he did the Egyptians in the Bible. In my mind, all of the points that are being brought up by the Jews, are phenomenal points. Some are views that I had myself when pondering the question of why God allows bad things to happen. Why must bad things happen to good people? But then there is the argument of, is this God? From this question I believe that the Devil is what brings evil, not God. God allows this to happen because he is a patient God, and all seeing God and knows that this will bring one closer to Him. But this is just my opinion… But, this does not take away from the terrifying pain and anger that the Jewish people have experience. Yet, overall this movie was a terrific eye opener for someone that may have many questions. I loved the movie and would enjoy indulging in the topics that it brought to light.

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