Hand of Fatima


Hello class! So I’ve been thinking and looking for a symbol that meant something to me. I was looking everywhere and I was surprised to find the symbol on my own wrist. I wear this bracelet at all times and I never take it off. This symbol is very interesting because it has a history and meaning in most of the big world religions. The Hand of Fatima is also called Hamsa, which originates from the Hebrew word “Hamesh” which means five. According to ancient talisman the hand symbolizes feminine power. In Christianity and Judaism it is believed to be the hand of God. , Also, in Christianity the hand symbolizes the Hand of the Virgin Mary. In Islam, the five fingers of the hand is a symbol of the Five Pillars of Islam. Personally, I follow the Buddhist and Hindu meaning that is brings protection from evil and good karma.

~Melanie Perez Spring 2016


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