BlackRobe – The Sacred and the Holy

Enjoy your weekend movie!

What you didn't learn in religion class

Concepts to think about:

  • Why were priests involved in the enterprise of colonization?
  • How do the colonizers sacralize the “New World”?
  • How is the “New World” profane?
  • What is the relationship between power and knowledge in both religions? i.e. The knowledge of the book versus the knowledge of the forest.
  • Analyze the dialogue between Father LaForgue and Daniel. How do their views differ concerning the natives and their beliefs?
  • How does Father LaForgue represent the modern “man”?
  • Is father Laforgue’s understanding of conversion more about right belief or right action?
  • How do the Natives and French see each other?
  • What are the consequences that natives face after their conversion to Christianity?
  • Why is it so important for Father Laforgue to convert the natives?

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