Black Robe Movie Review

Black Robe film has a variety of concepts, such as love of religion/ faith and icons. Simple concepts to us, that within the movie hold definitive meanings to each character that plays a role in the plot of this movie. Black Robe exemplifies the norms of two different worlds that are driven by their religious or spiritual forces; in this case the Christian missionaries, and the Native Americans. Such as their ritual wear before congregating. The Pastor preparing with his robe, and magnifying cross necklace as the Native American Chief is doing the same with his paint, bear claw necklace and headpiece. Dignified leaders, for their cause and  representatives from those who ‘speak’ to them, they are the messengers and hold the reasoning for their actions . The young Jesuit priest is trying to aid in the conversion of Native Americans, who Christians believe are uncivilized and savage because they believe in a “dream” world rather than the realistic world, the world in which you serve God to go to this promised Paradise, that which is sin free from tobacco and women. Which is a unattractive motive to be converted to a Christianity. They, the French, have a difficulty understanding the Natives, as the Native Americans have trust issues with the young Jesuit priest Father Laforgue referring to him a “demon”.  They feel as once he touches their forehead with holy water that their spirits will be stolen. Which in essence, is true, since their faith falls in respect to Nature, the strong spirit of Nature, and Nature controls man. If they mute what they find to be their Spirits, their means of  exsistence is questioned, from the beginning of their ancestors.  Another attribute both the Native Americans and the priest holds is the action of shunning that which frienghtens them through prayer or chants, and express their anguish. However, one character in particular stood out to me, Daniel. He questions whether if they should be partaking in conversions if the Algoquins since they already live a life that makes them happy. Helping Father Laforgue in the beginning of his mission to later reject his faith for a women who he falls in love with an Algoquin women. Daniel’s character shows a problematic issue that divides people, questioning faith and following a path that is rejected by the majority because it is out of the ordinary.

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