Black Robe Movie Review

This movie the “Black Robe” takes place in 1634 dealing with mostly religion of faith and love in Quebec city. In this movie, the colonizers established churches and marked their holy places with crosses. This movie was basically focused on two different worlds guided by a group of French men to make a change. There was a lot of differences between the French and natives in this movie. Daniel and Father Laforgue were on a expedition to go make a change about the natives culture. Laforgue is regarded with a combination of warmth and wariness by the natives, who refer to him and his priests as “black robes”. Offering his services as both guide and friend which is Algonquin. In this movie, the one who suffered the most was Chomina, the man who desires peaceful coexistence. I learned that black robes have set into motion the fall of the Hurons, simply by imposing their Christian values upon them. The French in this movie although view their God that is in distant celestial form which means God who is all perfect. In this belief, Laforgue found himself aiming for this unreachable standard in life. Laforgue was in very constant repression towards his natural human state. Although, the natives who idolized the God of the forests were in acceptance of their human nature. They believed that it to be the way they were only created. An attribute that both the Native Americans and the priest hold together is the action of shunning which means that they got scared through prayers or chants and expressed their anguish. This movies culture was very interesting and had very different beliefs of God which was very interesting to watch and hear about. I also noticed in the movie how Daniel had a better connection with the Natives once they decided to leave Father LaForgue and travel back to where they came from other than continue to the Huron mission and also since he fell in love with chief’s Algoquin daughter in the movie. To me I really think that LaForgue’s understanding of conversion is a better belief because he is a man of God and his religion meant everything to him in every way. Also, Laforgue at the end of the day he did say that if the Indians do not convert they wouldn’t make it to heaven. The Natives in this move were also known as “savages” since they weren’t into the Christian religion or faith which made it very interesting since they had such a different belief. In conclusion, I thought the movie “Black Robe” was very informative and interestingly different about different peoples belief in religion. My favorite character in this movie was differently Daniel since he was such a focused individual on trying to make someone’s belief in something change and he was a very intelligent helpful man in this movie.


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