Black Robe Movie Review

This movie relates very well with the material we are learning in class. Depicting the colonization of the New World shows how much religion had a great impact on the creation of our country. Priests were heavily involved in the expansion and creation of the New World because it was believed that with religion that native people will become civilized. At this time the New World is a profane space because there is a lack of an axis mundi. The axis mundi is absent for both the native who travel from place to place and the white settlers who are trying to find and build their axis mundi.

Father LaForgue clearly represent the modern man on the ideals that only his way is correct. He represents a large percent of today’s thought on religion, that there is only one right way. This way of thinking is what causes many wars and disputes between people and countries. There is a small percentage of people that accept people no matter their background and ideals, much like Daniel. Today we need more people like this. Until we understand and accept others views there will never be peace in this world. It is very interesting to see how thoughts of man on religion have evolved very little since the colonization of the New World.

This movie really got me thinking how humanity has a lot of learning and improvement to do on thought of every religion. I believe that our world leaders need to become well versed in different types of religion and that way compromises, patience and understanding can be established globally. Without this we will always be fighting. We need open minded and willing leaders to lead us to a positive view on religion and bring us peace.

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